Tan Long Granite Co., Ltd. has officially been in operation since 2000. After more than 24 years of establishment, stability and development, with the motto “Prestige is the top action criterion”, our company has Accompanying, trusted and supported by domestic and foreign customers and partners. The company has made great strides in organization and production and business activities with a number of quarries, branches, and processing factories established in other localities in the country to contribute to consolidating and developing. develop in the future.

The company is proud to be one of the natural stone enterprises in Vietnam with more than 24 years of experience in production, processing, import and export, providing a large number of products from Vietnamese and imported natural stones, finishing processing, polishing, torching, sandblasting, stone crafting, fine arts… The Company’s products have been trusted by customers and partners as quality products for construction projects in Vietnam as well as Many construction projects from countries around the world such as Italy, America, Germany, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia…

We have been constantly striving to bring high quality, sophisticated and unique products to customers. From exterior tiling products, gardens, tombstones,… to interior decoration products for desks, kitchen tables, lavabos, bathtubs, etc., we not only provide products but also a source of inspiration. Continuously decorate and enhance the aesthetic value of customers’ living and working spaces. The variety of designs and product quality has helped the company affirm its position in the market and has received trust and support from customers and partners.

Tan Long Granite Co., Ltd. was established under Business Registration Certificate No. 4100355437 issued by Binh Dinh Department of Planning and Investment on March 17, 2000.

– Address:

+ Office: 147 Tang Bat Ho, Le Loi Ward, Quy Nhon City, Binh Dinh Province

+ Factory: Lot B21, Phu Tai Industrial Park, Tran Quang Dieu ward, Quy Nhon city, Binh Dinh province

Phone number: 0777555889 – 0903502746

Email: tanlongstone@gmail.com

Website: tanlongstone.vn

– The subordinate units:

Branch in Ho Chi Minh City:
Address: No. 2555 National Highway 1, Tan Hung Thuan Ward, District 12, Ho Chi Minh City

Phone: 028 37159411

Factory in An Khe, Gia Lai
Address: An Khe Industrial Park, An Binh Ward, An Khe Town, Gia Lai Province

Phone: 0256 -3741389


+ Exploiting and processing Granite and Basalt stones for domestic consumption and export.

+ Trading in imported Marble and Granite stone lines, interior and exterior construction.

+ Buy and sell materials, machinery and equipment for the stone processing industry.



The philosophies that Tan Long Co., Ltd. pursues to bring value to customers and partners:

Careful and meticulous in every action

Tan Long’s sophistication lies in the carefulness and meticulousness of every small detail, every action is careful, not hasty or impulsive to ensure that no mistakes occur due to carelessness, no mistakes. Unnecessary discomfort from small, trivial errors. That carefulness helps us maintain trust with our partners and customers, always keep our commitments, and do what we say.

Always strive to create the best value

Every employee working at Tan Long is always perfectionist, meticulous and careful. We set high standards for our own work, always striving to complete the job at the best level. In the dictionary of Tan Long people, there are no keywords such as “temporary”, “transparent”, “okay”, “just need”. Even when customers are not that demanding, we are strict with ourselves.

Empathy from passionate people

Tan Long people are passionate, enthusiastic, put their hearts into their work and care about the people around them, customers, and cherish the products they bring to customers. Since then, Tan Long people have always sympathized, cared and shared with those around them…

Confidence when customers choose our company:

– We have many years of experience in the field of production, processing, processing, and manufacturing products that achieve the highest aesthetic and sustainable results when used.

– Beautiful products, richly diverse in color, size, quality from domestic natural stone sources in: Binh Dinh, Gia Lai, Phu Yen, Khanh Hoa, Phan Rang… or imported from abroad : Italy, Spain, India, Norway, Brazil, Finland…

– Dedicated, professional, highly responsible sales.

– Modern machinery and equipment system, professional construction solutions, skilled management team and technicians with many years of experience.

Our mission

Continuous creativity, professional action to create masterpieces that nature has given to serve the increasing needs and increasingly strict requirements of customers, improving the quality of life every day.


+ Vietnamese and imported Granite tiles

+ Vietnamese and imported marble

+ Basalt stone

+ Garden stone, construction stone

+ Tombstone stone, fine art stone

+ Stone paintings and patterns



Customers need

Product quality

Price reasonable

Response fast