Based on the feng shui principle of “Earth gives birth to Metal”, using marble as a substitute for paint colors or wall tiles is a particularly suitable choice for homeowners of the Metal element.

If you believe in feng shui and have the economic conditions to build a house, do not hesitate to immediately choose this option for your home. The results will always satisfy you, especially the more you use it. With proper care, each piece of marble becomes shinier and more colorful, and the house becomes more sublime.


Most of the “form” parts of the house are finished with marble patterns from the ceiling, walls to the floor. When choosing this option, the homeowner was very careful in choosing each type of stone and color to combine together to create the most harmonious and luxurious look.


Even the details of assembling marble colors together were carefully discussed by the homeowner with the construction unit, especially in the ceiling locations made of translucent stone combined with interior lights to choose the construction method. creates an easy “way out” for future maintenance and replacement of the lighting system.



Marble almost covers all surfaces in the main lobby space of the house. The homeowner said he was very satisfied with the aesthetic effect that marble brings, especially the value of using a cool space in the summer and a warm space in the winter.

The next point of satisfaction is that the more you use it, the more beautiful and shiny the stone becomes, without the phenomenon of color fading like other materials.


The decorative marble column edges are also meticulously and sharply machined.


The dining area is connected adjacent to the kitchen. The ceiling in this area is also decorated with shimmering translucent stone.


In the North with harsh weather conditions, the choice of materials for finishing the building’s surface is especially important to the quality of life inside.

Without the right choice, the building will quickly deteriorate, and life behind the walls will also be very inconvenient when it is hot in the summer and cold in the winter. In this situation, marble is a very good solution although the price is relatively high, especially for translucent stones.

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